Edo Jazz Age

Broken voices suffocating beneath heavy bass weight, dark ambient soundscapes, dream chord arpeggios, the new jazz age. Following on from ‘Pharaoh’, ‘Edo Jazz Age’ is another conceptual future garage/dubstep/ambient album, evoking untold takes of a synthetic, future city. Before Tokyo was known as Tokyo, it was called Edo. This album is the music of Edo City. A prism of colourful sounds propped up on a bank of aphotic subs.

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1. Jazz Age 03:04
2. Death Poem 04:24
3. Narrow Arcade 06:24
4. Saikyo Line 05:44
5. Lost Melody 01:28
6. Stare At The Screen 03:32
7. Geishas 03:56
8. Jazz Zoku 04:20
9. Insert Coin 01:00
10. Artificial High 04:04
11. Edo City Blue 04:48
12. Electric Eyes 03:24
13. Prism 01:25
14. Broken Lights 06:12


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